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Base camp pack or duffel requirements:

Back-up bulb for flashlight or headlamp
Dry clothes
Felt-tipped pen
First Aid kit
Flagging tape
Flashlight or headlamp
Leather and latex gloves
Pen or pencil
Set of batteries for light or lamp
Water Whistle
Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

Twenty-Four hour pack recommendations:

Emergency kit containing safety pins, razor blade, 2 garbage bags, sun glasses and a space blanket
Extra batteries and bulb for light or lamp
Extra shirt or sweater in waterproof bag
Fires starter and waterproof matches
First Aid kit containing Band-Aids. adhesive tape, roller bandage, 3x3 compresses, 4" bandage, first aid cream, aspirin, 2' roller bandage, a triangular bandage, latex & leather gloves and other personal protective equipment
Flashlight or headlamp
Food for 24 hours
Flagging tape
Nylon line (20' minimum)
Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
Pocket knife or utility tool
Protractor ruler
Stocking cap (must retain heat when wet)
Toilet paper in plastic
Water and container
Whatcom County map

Forty-Eight hour pack recommendations:

Closed cell foam sleeping pad
Extra clothing (socks and underclothing which retain heat when wet) in plastic
Food for three meals (may be heated to conserve body heat)
Gloves of three types: latex or Nitrile-latex, polyester or wool, leather
Gloves of three types: protective barrier, insulating, protecting
Ground cloth
Hat that can cover the ears and retain heat when wet
Jackets/parkas long enough to preserve heat and are water-repellent
Leather boots (waterproofed) which cover the ankle and have lugged soles
Mess kit of spoon, metal cup and pan are minimum
Multiple shirts which retain heat when wet to layer according to need
Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
Polyester sleeping bag
Stove and fuel should be considered
Wool, fleece or minimum 60% polyester pants

Specialty Team Additional Equipment:

One days' supply of food
One days' supply of meds if needed
Spare lead
Poop bags for cleaning up
Insulated sleeping/resting pad for your dog for winter use
Muzzle or suitable material for improvisation