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    If you want to volunteer service to your community, make new friends, expand your list of skills and have a ball doing all this; joining a search and rescue unit may be a good route toward achieving these goals. The path we take may be a logging trail, a streambed or across a snowfield, but the scenery is often breathtaking and the destinations are as diverse as the people who participate in Search and Rescue (SAR).

    Summit to Sound currently has six groups with additional groups forming and recruiting. Current groups are ground-pounders, dog handlers, ATVs, swiftwater, equine teams, and EMS.

    • “Ground-pounders” hike across field and forest, streambed and tidal flat, through briars and nettles and heather in an effort to find missing or lost persons.  This is our primary focus, so all members of Summit to Sound are part of the Ground-Pounders group.
    • “Dog handlers” use a trained dog as a partner in “ground-pounding” activities, and also go out in boats with their canine partners.
    • “ATVs” ride the trails searching, providing containment, or transporting equipment and personnel to designated points.
    • “Swiftwater” swims and boats the lakes, rivers, and any other body of water they can find.
    • "Equine riders" ride their horses while searching and performing other search & rescue activities.
    • "EMS" responders are EMTs or other medically trained personnell. EMS responders take care of found subject and help keep searchers healthy while on missions.

    All groups welcome new members. Those who have no skills in these areas can be trained to become a vital sinew in the cable of help that extends from “summit to sound.”